Minnie’s Bowtique Birthday Party toddler fabulous day!


2 years? are you serious…. i feel like it was yesterday that i was cleaning my house (That was already clean), walking the mall, eating spicy food and doing many other things….for me to have my first baby! It was so exciting, intense, full of emotions and many prayers… but Finally at 41 weeks, a humongous belly and a beautiful magenta room waiting to be use; Our beautiful princess Isabella Grace was born! Ohhhhh and did i mentioned more than 12 hours in labor?… well all of that was gone after we saw her beautiful little face and what a lovely and pretty baby she still is! I am so thankful for her life… She has been such an amazing baby full of energy, smiles, and cuteness in everything she does!

And today about 560 days after we are celebrating her 2 years (So easy to say it… so difficult to believe it)

Her first birthday part theme was a (Sweet to be one) theme…. we had a candy station, a photo booth, games, pool, and beautiful people that came to celebrate with us her first year! it took me about 6 months to make everything… but i enjoyed it so much… Since i had little time between my job, my home, husband, ministry and my crawler (at that time…. 6months old) i would literally do a letter for her banner each night, a goody bag another night… and so on… and let me tell you… it really pays off to plan ahead, buy things in advance (on line -always do!-) and start little by little, it was such a good experience that when the day of her birthday came everything was ready to put in place (i had a mental and paper picture) and it was done exactly the same way… the part was amazing but must of all i was able to do everything with my own hands! obviously i had wonderful extra hands that helped me! (Always ask for help!) so het first birthday was totally cool , we borrowed a church members/Friends BIG House that had a pool (Her birthday is during the summer) and we used their HUGE living room for the party! We were so blessed to be able to use their house… if you don’t have a place & you want to save some money  think about your friends or family members…God always opens a way… even if it is for a birthday party!

The kids and we had so much fun! the day was sunny, people were happy and my beautiful baby girl has all the pictures to remember her beautiful day! God is faithful!

For her second birthday (i choose the theme about 2 months after her Sweet to be one party lol) i decided to make a bowtique birthday party! Isabella is a very bright and smart little girl that talks and says words since she was about 6 months that started to call me mama and my husband papa, and at 10 months… she will communicate with us and would talk (in a totally different baby language lol but she will make sure to get what she wanted it!) she will say (Agua/Water) and will call Elmo (La-la because of the theme song) and Mickey Mouse (cho-cho because her favorite clubhouse episode was a train story) and everything had a meaning that started to make sense to us until we will literally understand what she meant… -mama lala baby-(Mom i want to watch elmo) lol it was incredible even her doctor couldnt believe she was using 3 words to talk and wasn’t even 1 year! So when her second birthday party theme came i had to make a decision between “la-la or cho-cho” but after seeing her playing EVERYDAY with her minnie mouse, hugging her, giving her kisses, praying with or FOR her lol! and wanting to take her everywhere we decided to do a Minnie bowtique Birthday party and what a great party she had where she enjoyed it from beginning to end and she LITERALLY still talks about it and ask for my phone to see the pictures daily!

And here it is how i made it happen…so you can get ideas and DIY! I started getting ideas from pinterest, and disney.com my hubby gave me a budget and i started…  ¡First with the invitation! Her first birthday invitation which was gorgeous and i ordered them along with the birthday banner and cake banner at mustard seed https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mustard-Seed/142759545785904 she is my cousin so obviously i did it with her who is a perfectionist and has great taste! but for her 2nd bday my cousin had literally just gave birth so i had to do it my self ! bought the black paper, white paper and 2 different shades of pink for the ribbon and after MANY nights of cutting and pasting i finally had my 35 invitations! THAT WAS A LT OF CUTTING! but worth it i saved a lot of money! buy her 3rd year mustard seed will come back for sure!

Kids: 27

Adults: 60 (yes! we have a lot of adults that are part of my daughters life and have no kids!)

i started by choosing the theme colors! key to start buying all the paper goods!

The colors i choose where Magenta-Pink and Black i bought all the plates, napkins and plastic cutlery first at a very low price at a party city… since it was solid colors it is easier to get in big quantities and not spend so much on something you will put in the garbage 4 hours later! to give it the Minnie look with black card board paper i cut out the Minnie silhouetteand placed it on the napkins, i did that while watching TV, while my daughter was eating…etc. i had about 60 to make so.. i would do like 5 per day! i used those for the adults and i wasnt to big on super decoratimg the adults tables (i had them on a separet room) because my focus obviously were the kids!


i also used plain white fabric table covers i borrowed (saved about $40) and made with my disciple’s help a pretty bouquet of paper on a white vase that i would sure use for another party!

ImagenI bought all the (Minnie’s bowtique birthday theme decor ) online Way cheaper!) so i used the glitter and Minnie’s faces to decorate all the tables including the adults.

The little girls had a different room (inside the party room we rented) they had their own little tables,chairs and their names, menu, and activities they were going to do during the party! The plates i made them my self! (lots of work) i cut out the circles for the ears and bows that i got from (disney junior! they also have great ideas! Since they were going to eat Mickie mouse chicken nuggets that i bought at Costco i only put forks with the Minnie mouse silhouette… Precious!

I had all the adults and boys in one room eating! as appetizers before the lunch we had mini sandwiches that i cut with a Minnie mouse cutter and pudding with mini oreos making mickey mouse ears!  and i had all the little girls in their own little bowtique eating as well and then we all met in the big room to play games and have fun activities! with prizes (Random candy) that kids always love!

After we were done with the games we sent the boys and their parents to the pool and the girls back at their bowtique were we did their nails, hair and watched the Minnie’s bowtique movie! my daughter was sooooo happy!

After all the activities we went back to the big room where we sang happy birthday, prayed for her & ate cupcakes! and then we had  ice cream, ice cream cones with lots of different toppings for the kids to choose from… Super fun! I used black (for boys) and the Minnie’s bowtique theme cups for the girls!

Then we had a Minnie Pinata and a fashion show with all the boys and GIRLS… the only way that the kids were able to receive their goodie bag was walking  through the runway carpet… everyone did it they obviously wanted the candy and the parents were soooo happy to see their little models walking while playing the minnies bowtique song!

The girls got the cutest Bow holders that i made  and they also had an extra bow for them to keep. i ordered everything separated online and the ribbon at the dollar store they had exactly 5 rolls!!!!  it was not that expensive since i did it with 4 months in advanced! lol  (amazon is my best friend!) and i put everything including mickey mouse clubhouse candy and other little toys (Party city) inside their plastic  minnie’s bowtique bags (Super cheap) and for the boys plain black bags and labeled with their name!

It was defiantly a fun-tastic party for boys and girls, we rented my clubhouse and included the pool so that helped out a lot while i was doing the other activities with the girls.

I am just so thankful to God because we saved up so much money by all the DIY projects and buying everything in advanced i encourage all the creative moms out there to choose a team for your next kids birthday and get ideas, extra hands from creative people and surprise your kids with a themed party they will always remember and your husband will thank you for ever ha! (I saved him lots of $$)


God will always be there for us even on those little things that matter to our little ones like a birthday party!

You can do it , God bless you!

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